Solar PV

Is your system operating effectively?

The best way to ensure that your PV system continues to provide you with the highest possible yield is to carry out regular maintenance and cleaning.
We can provide a comprehensive maintenance plan for your commercial site helping to ensure that the yield from your PV system remains at its highest level.
Repairs and Maintenance require different skill sets and training than those needed for installation and construction.
Our team of engineers and technicians specialize in commercial scale solar repairs, diagnostics and maintenance.
We can also improve the performance of older systems, ensuring that you continue to make the most of your solar installation for years to come.
We stand behind our work at every step of the process leaving our clients with true peace of mind during the solar panel repair and maintenance process.
With our skills and training, repairs are conducted quickly so your system is back up and running quickly.

We recommend an annual maintenance visit where one of our qualified electrical technicians will perform a visual initial inspection of your system and test electrical components and consumables.
A shading analysis is conducted before a detailed report of findings is delivered to you with any recommendations for remedial or maintenance work, which we can carry out at an additional cost.

Some issues which may affect the performance of your solar panels, include:

  • Damaged/cracked panels – can present lethal shock hazards
  • Loose bracket and roof anchors
  • FaultyInverters
  • Dirty or dusty panels
  • Poor DC connections
  • Burnt out DC Isolators
  • Faulty kwh meters
  • Power loss of a single string on larger systems

Most of the above issues have an effect on your annual generation which will result in a reduction in Feed-in Tariff payments and investment returns.