Zero Harm Policy

Some people think that whatever we do we will never stop workplace accidents.

Every Aspect Maintenance Services disagrees, the safety of everyone involved in our operations is a core value for us. We think that to arrive at work with the possibility of being harmed or zero-harm-logoinjured is wholly unacceptable.
This belief runs through everything that we do, through every level of our organization. We plan, set up and manage our sites with the safety of staff, subcontractors and the public at front of mind.
We are determined to be admired for our approach and performance on health and safety and apply the same approach to quality. We manage projects to eliminate snags and defects by applying rigorous quality control throughout the life of the project, eliminating defects by planning, testing and inspecting as we go. The result is excellence, delivered on time and on budget. You cannot operate in our industry without having the very highest standards of safety in place and injuries or loss of life related to our operations is unacceptable. Our strategy is designed to tackle the root causes of major incidents and to create a mature safety culture.
We are working hard to ensure sub-contractors know how to identify and manage risks, and take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them. This constant vigilance is essential to our vision not just of eliminating major incidents, but preventing any near misses or incidents that could affect the health and safety of our people and the public.
Our strategy is in place to ensure that we explore every facet of our business to deliver higher standards and better results.
“We challenge ourselves to be better”