Risk Assessments

Are risk assessments required by law?

Quite Simply if you are an employer or self-employed the answer is YES. It is a legal requirement for every employer and self-employed person to make an assessment of the health and safety risks arising out of their work.
The purpose of the assessment is to identify what needs to be done to control health and safety risks.
The Risk Assessment process should include the controls required to eliminate risk or suitable reduce the consequences.

So why conduct a risk assessment?
Organisations with 5 or more employees are required by UK law to have documented risk assessments for all significant hazards posed by the organisations work activities.

Organisations with less than 5 employees still have a duty to undertake risk assessments, however there is no legal requirement to record the findings, although it is strongly recommended that you do.

Risk Assessment is a fundamental requirement for any business. If you are unaware, or don’t appreciate what risks are posed by your business activities, you are effectively putting yourself, your employees, your customers, members of the public and your organisation reputation in great danger. Employers and the self-employed should make suitable arrangements to reduce risk as much as is ‘reasonably practicable’. ‘Reasonably practicable’ is a legal term that means employers must balance the cost of implementing risk control measures that they could take to reduce a risk against the degree of risk presented. When reckoning costs, the time, trouble and effort required should be included and not just the financial cost.
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