Fire Safety

Fire & Emergency Lighting

Anyone who owns, manages or assumes the duty for a property has a responsibility to ensure that there is adequate and sufficient fire protection. fire-detectionThis includes having safety measures in place in order to protect the people living or working there, and the property itself, from the threat of fire damage.

Routine fire alarm and emergency lighting servicing are crucial for ensuring that your systems remain in good working order and will operate effectively in the event of an emergency, providing early warning of fire and adequate visibility within emergency escape routes and exits for building occupants.
Fire equipment, such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers are not just expected, they are compulsory by law and it is crucial that you install and maintain the necessary equipment to satisfy Health and Safety regulations

Our comprehensive fire alarm, extinguisher and emergency lighting servicing packages enable you to be assured that your systems will be professionally serviced and maintained at the frequencies required by current standards and regulations.
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