Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Installation

All businesses require fire extinguishers otherwise they risk falling outside of the law. fire-extinguisher-install-installationThe good news is over 80% of commercial fires are put out by extinguishers, so making sure you get your fire extinguisher installation absolutely right could save you money in the long run.

The fire extinguishers you need will be different depending on the nature of your business and the size, type, arrangement and location of your premises.
Your fire risk assessment will specify your business’s fire extinguisher installation requirements, or we can evaluate these for you. It’s vital to get this right because different types of fire extinguisher tackle different types of fire.
If you would like us to recommend which extinguisher types you need and how many are required for your fire extinguisher installation. We install the full array of extinguisher types, so whatever industry you’re in, we’ll have what you need (most commonly used are water, foam, dry powder, CO2 and wet chemical extinguishers). All of our extinguishers are kite marked and meet both British and European standards.
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