Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm Installation-Upgrade

A Fire alarm installation is an important consideration for many businesses. fire-alarm-installationIf you are a business owner or decision maker, or you are your company’s ‘responsible person’, accountable for the overall fire safety of your commercial building, then you are probably aware that installing an effective, well-maintained fire alarm system – also known as a fire detection system – is a legal requirement for most businesses.

UK fire safety legislation gives clear guidance regarding fire alarm installation. Apart from those businesses operating out of the smallest, simplest, low-risk commercial buildings, you must have a well-fitted, good quality fire alarm system that suits your specific premises to be within the law

Whilst necessary, installing a fire alarm can feel like a big expense and although it could save your business money in the long run, these sorts of bills rarely feel like they arrive at a good time.

Every Aspect Maintenance Services will always take your budget into account and feed this into your fire alarm installation proposal. We stock a wide range of fire alarm systems and our engineers are trained across many fire alarm protocols, so we’re sure we’ll always find something to suit your business.
Where possible, we try to re-use as much of your existing fire alarm system as we can, so as to save your business money. If new parts are needed, we will aim to supply them at a similar cost to that which you’d find online so you can feel confident you are only paying for our team’s time and expertise.
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